Kontakty Berlin – the first media partner for WOŚP Berlin

The first media partner for WOŚP Berlin is officially Kontakty Berlin – czasopismo polonijne, the Polish expat community magazine, established over 20 years ago in 1995. A huge thank-you from us all for supporting the Foundation! ♥️

👉🏼 Want to read some Polish-in-Berlin news? Head to kontakty.org – there’s plenty!
👉🏼 You can also join their Facebook group: facebook.com/groups/368107106624728/

Official: WOŚP Finale Under Berlin Mayor’s Patronage

We can still hardly believe it, but it’s on paper, formal letterhead included.

The mayor of the city of Berlin, Michael Müller, has granted his patronage to our January event. The 26th WOŚP Finale will happen with the support of the formal support of the city itself! Seeing support for WOŚP from our local representatives is a huge success and an honor.

The main idea behind WOŚP is bringing selfless aid to those in need. During our finales we support this grand cause not only financially, but also with our positive energy. By now, the admirable engagement of our volunteers and record-breaking funds collected have gained fame and recognition worldwide.

Don’t miss out! Join us on January 13th 2018 in LaLuz at Oudenarder Straße 16-20. Come alone or bring your family and friends. It’ll be awesome!

PS: If you’d like to receive news and updates about the Finale, join our Facebook event

We’re meeting again in Pierogarnia

SIEMA! 🙌🏼 We haven’t seen you in a while! And the team has done a lot since the last time we had our sit-down, so it’s high time for a 2nd meetup (and more amazing dance gifs 👯)!

👉🏻 Last Saturday of September — 1 pm
👉🏻 Pierogarnia will reserve a couple of tables for us again

❤️ We’ll meet you all 😃
❤️ We’ll tell you what we’re cooking up for the upcoming Finale
❤️ We’ll answer your questions
❤️ We’ll get some ideas from you guys for this year 🖖🏻